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Marketplace extension - one time buy

Marketplace extension - one time buy

Is there a marketplace extension that you can buy once and not have to keep paying for annually?

Re: Marketplace extension - one time buy

Re: Marketplace extension - one time buy

I would recommend you to please view Magento 2 Marketplace Pro developed by LandofCoder.

There are multiple benefits you can get from this extension

# Compatible with 5 types of products

Enriching your LOF marketplace by allowing sellers to sell any kinds of product in the list below: Simple Product, Grouped Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product, Downloadable Product. This convenience creates no limitation for transactions. You and your seller can sell almost all products accepted.

# Unlimited Sellers Allowance

Attracting more and more sellers to your marketplace is the most ideal way to boost sales increasingly and raise your reputation quickly. With LOF marketplace, it allows unlimited sellers to have a separating storefront and do everything they want. Any vendors even when they come from different countries can register to be your sellers and enjoy incredible experiences that LOF marketplace brings for.

  1. Support 10+ payment gateways

These powerful extensions support with 10+ of the most popular payment methods all over the world such as Paypal, Paymentwall, etc, which is convenient for different transactions coming from various areas all over the world. With our marketplace, the payment pending rates are reduced dramatically.

  1. Powerful Advanced Report

All activities in your marketplace will be informed and kept track by advance report system. It performs perfectly with the detailed statistic of sales report by day, by month, and by year, last orders, best sellers, most viewed products and top countries consuming the products. As a result, you can reduce your workload of managing lots of actions and transactions as well. All automatic process is one way to push your marketplace to the success in the short time.

  1. Incredible Seller Cpanel

As we mentioned above, LOF marketplace allows unlimited sellers and each of them pocess separately storefront. They can set any functions or operate their stores following their expectation in the seller cpanel. This system belongs to sellers only so you can keep track and manage all seller’s activities in your marketplace. Anytime they need your help, you can quickly approach to their problem and help them.


  1. Secured & Flexible Admin Panel

While sellers have their own system of seller panel, you as admin also have your own setting to keep whole power in your marketplace. In the dashboard, you can control all aspects in your marketplace or even you can easily change the configuration in some clicks. Fast & Effective feature is the initial criteria that LOF achieve.

  1. Easy To Set Commission

In case your marketplace has lots of sellers with different products and categories, it must have equal and clear rule when setting the commission. For LOF marketplace, it’s easy for

– Admin to

Set different commissions for each categories

Set multiple commission rate for vendors.

Create multiple commission rule for vendors.

Create flexible rules commission for each product via product attribute.

– Vendor to

Set different conditions for products applied by the commission rules.

Set commission with fixed and percent price.

  1. 100% Responsive Design

One of the most important factor to attract more and more sellers and customers is your user-friendly feature for mobiles and any other devices. Wherever and whenever they are, they can visit your marketplace and shop anything they want without any difficulty when surfing the screen or looking for any products. If all process runs smoothly, they can be satisfied and returns for the next purchases.

  1. Free Installation & Support

One thing you must take into your consideration is service. With LOF marketplace, we will provide you the Free Installation, Free Live Chat support and Free Technical Support in 12 months. Anytime you have problems in your site you can submit tickets, direct to live chat or send email, our support team is always willing to help you. During the using process, if you want to add more functions to optimize your marketplace, you can send requirements to our dev and they will consider and customize for you after estimating the time and cost. Everything comes from your satisfaction.

#Integrated With Multiple Plugins

Currently LOF marketplace has 2 versions. For the Magento 2 Marketplace Basic one, it includes 3+ additional plugins:

– Magento 2 Marketplace Social Login ($99)

– Magento 2 Marketplace FAQ ($129)

– Magento 2 Marketplace Facebook Live Chat ($99)

On the other hand, the Pro version contains 27+ Powerful Addons insight:

– Magento 2 Marketplace FAQ $129

– Magento 2 Marketplace Social Login $99

– Magento 2 Marketplace Facebook Livechat $99

– Magento 2 Marketplace Store Locator $139

– Magento 2 Marketplace Paypal adaptive payment $169

– Magento 2 Marketplace Flat Rate Shipping $199

– Magento 2 Marketplace SMS Notification $49

– Magento 2 Marketplace Stripe Payment $199

– Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Live chat $169

– Custom Option for Magento 2 $39

– Magento 2 Marketplace Product List $69

– Magento 2 Marketplace Helpdesk $45

– Marketplace Custom Attribute $149

– Marketplace Quote System for Magento 2 $99

– Marketplace Seller Badge System $49

– Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Slider $39

– Magento 2 Marketplace RMA $139

– Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Product Search $99

– Marketplace Single Seller Product Checkout $99

– Magento 2 Marketplace Multi Shipping $199

– Magento 2 Marketplace Price Comparison $199,etc

Thank to this powerful function, you don’t have to purchase separately the plugins at different time and it wastes your effort of installation and operation. Besides that, it will help you save your budget approximately $327 for the Basic and $2000 for the Pro. All the things in your marketplace will be automatically operared and controlled by you in the smart system.\

View details: Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

Re: Marketplace extension - one time buy

@HamnaAsher wrote:
Is there a marketplace extension that you can buy once and not have to keep paying for annually?



You can check out the most popular marketplace extension from here -


You need to purchase this module only once, after that you can use it for a lifetime.


Also, you'll get 3-months of free support along with the purchase of the module.


Hope this helps!


For any query feel free to revert here.







Re: Marketplace extension - one time buy

Hi @HamnaAsher,


Check this out Marketplace Extension MageDelight


as per your requirement.