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Measuring quality of Magento extensions


Measuring quality of Magento extensions

Hi guys,


We are migrating to Magento2 Cloud Commerce (or EE) from an in-house custom ecommerce. The project is big in terms of sales (+5000M USD anual sales) and transactions, so we can't afford big "mistakes".  We are being helped by a Magento Solution Partner, which is in charge of implementing the whole project.


The thing is that we need the Marketplace functionality for our project, and after several reviews of Magento extensions we ended comparing 2 extensions: (1) Unirgy uMarketplace and (2) Webkul Markketplace


The discussion has gone into different perspectives:

  1. Quality. All reviews (developers) have pointed out that Unirgy quality is much better than Webkul extension. Unirgy provides an Open Source version for Magento Enterprise, so we wouldn't have the encryption problem, but we have not bought it yet, so we can't examine the code. We have reviewed Webkul's code, and we found more than +1000 occurrences of Object Manager usages which is prohibited to use it directly: (Because M2 is using dependency injection in it’s core architecture. And direct calls of object manager ignore the architecture, and make the code less effective. Almost all extensions break this rule in some ways, but this particular extension is using it too much.

  2. Brand Name/Support. Webkul has won several prizes, and has more than 250 different extensions. Unirgy on other side, has specialise in the Marketplace extensions and only has 6 extension. But Webkul Support seems much better than Unirgy. Webkul replies are very quick, and Unirgy replies takes 1-2 days.

  3. Functionalities. Webkul extensions does more than Unirgy extension.

Which one would you choose ? Why ? From my perspective, I would prefer Quality over Support, but other team members prefer a good support....


Any advice is more than welcome !


Re: Measuring quality of Magento extensions

Have you read these comparison articles?


The last article has got interesting tables where you can see all features offered and supported by these extensions. 
Your choice should be based on the solutions you want to find and functionality you need to realize.


Re: Measuring quality of Magento extensions

How big a portion of your business is your Marketplace? 


Have you considered Mirakl, which integrates with Magento? I had seen this integration being promoted over the last couple of years at Magento Imagine, although I haven't worked with a merchant that's using it.


Aside from that, going based on your notes, I think Unirgy wins. If you're seeing quality issues with Webkul, then they don't seem to be what you're looking for. Better to build on top of a simpler but better base than to buy into something that isn't well architected.


Best of luck!


Re: Measuring quality of Magento extensions

I use unirgy and I encounter several problems daily. Several of their modules and add ons conflict with customizations made and their service for fixtures or assessment are very pricy. Their support is also very limited towards the module itself so if something else need to be made in terms of other extensions they won’t do it. 

Webkul modules are newer and their service seems to be much faster than many companies out there. I had worked with Webkul in two different projects and their service was amazing and at a very reasonable price.