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Members area from 2 databases

Members area from 2 databases

Hi All,


I am extremely new to Magento and have a question - it will be great if some one can provide some guidance on how to achieve this :smileyhappy:

I currently have a MySQL database which is created from my primary website. This MySQL database hosts all the login information of my members to Website 1. 


I have recently created Website 2 using Magento. I would like my members from Website 1 to be able to log into Website 2? If there any way to associate the credential information of both MySQL databases on the Magento website for members to log in? 


If this doesn't make sense - i will try to explain it another way :smileyhappy:


I truely hope someone can help me :smileyhappy:

Thanks in advance,



Re: Members area from 2 databases

Hi @pav_qps


Are these both Magento installations, running on different databases? And if so why? ;-)

Re: Members area from 2 databases

HI @Theis Corfixen,


No - Website 1 is not a Magento website and Website 2 is a Magento installation that is currently being developed. 


But both websites have their own MySQL Databases Smiley Happy

Thanks Smiley Happy 

Re: Members area from 2 databases

Hi @pav_qps


You properly can't fint an extension that does this plug and play, unless your other website is running some form of known platform. It is however a relativly simple developing a custom extension to do this job. And you can properly find a developer that can do this relativly inexspensively.


If you feel like doing it youself, I would advice you to start by looking at the customer session model.