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Membership Extension (Loyalty Progam)

Membership Extension (Loyalty Progam)



I would like to get some references or recommendations to choose the better extension/ available extensions for store memberships.


In my store- all the standard prices will be for the guest shopper and for signup shoppers who are in the Free Customer Group. We have three premium plans as membership for example silver gold and platinum. So as per the plan each customer group get different discounts weighted as the plan they belong to. So I am looking for an extension which shows the customer the real price and the membership price and their savings when they are in the product page, and a page in the store itself to chose the plan or the options in signup. 


Please suggest the extension you know





Re: Membership Extension (Loyalty Progam)

Hello @Prasobh Allways



There is two way to do it

1) using some module

2) Create custom one

magento already provide tier price thing, where you can mention customer group wise. You just need to develop functionality for customer group assignment based on package selection.


Hope it will help you.



Re: Membership Extension (Loyalty Progam)

hello Sunil

I have seen the both you mentioned. The one which I liked from Magestore is discontinued by them and the Magenest couldn't have some impressive product details. Why I prefer extension is that its already made and tested by someone/companies and we get updates and support all the time and comparatively less cost if we look at the cost of the development.


Anyway thanks dear 

Some of the extensions made by magestore is selling by another companies, but i didnt find an alternate company who sells this magestore extension. Do you know that anywhere they sell the said extension?