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Mobile POS and Magento

Mobile POS and Magento

Hello everyone,


Please list your thoughts on what you look for in a Mobile POS integration with Magento.  Here are my top concerns.


Application and Performance:

1) Performance and speeds.  Magento is extremely slow and takes quite a bit to optimize performance.   Any softwar application that's connecting needs to have great speeds and performance.

2) Data integrity.  I've used and witnessed all kinds of application that have this problem over and over again.  What's the best system that has very low data integrity problems.  Basically, the software can't be the problem.  Users are only human, and data entry errors will always happen.

3) Privacy and Security.  What about your data storage during a sync and how secure is the data?

4) No restrictions on where ou manage your data.  If I wan to add a product manually to Magento the sync should still work.

5) Scalable.  Will it grow with my integration needs?  Can I add more data types to integrate?


Integration Features:

1) New simple and configurable product creation.

2) Update items upon change, inventory and sale price, etc.

3) Launch store in minutes if I have an existing Magento store.  Basically only sync inventory and price, with SKU.

4) Order downloads.  Upon download inventory automatically updates in POS.

5) Image support.  Need to get images up to Magento from POS.

6) What about loyalty.  Is there a loyalty engine that can sync with Magento and POS?

7) Multi store support.  Aggregated inventory and determine what store receives an order by zip code lookup, etc.  Magento doesn't support multiple store inventory, it's aggregated and it would be nice to have per store view of each stores inventory!



Re: Mobile POS and Magento

I'm using a new product called Kosmos eSyn and love it! Easy to use and acccordind to other applications it's fast. Everything you listed is supported and a few items are on the Kosmos road map, like multi site inventory view. Not important for me I just have a single store.
14 day free trial is available. Don't try anything without a trial first, I almost made this mistake and so happy I found Kosmos!