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Mobile POS for magento

Mobile POS for magento

We are looking for a POS where we can sell from mobile devices and have custom payment and shipping methods compared to the online store for selling at tradeshows or at our office. We would have products on hand most of the time.


Re: Mobile POS for magento


Re: Mobile POS for magento



Tell me if I'm wrong, you should first choose a POS  suitable for your needs and then integrate it to Magento.


If you know the POS you need, I can suggest a Magento/POS intgration agent. It includes multiple POS systems. Possibly, you'll find yours one there.



Re: Mobile POS for magento

Hi have you looked into LightSpeed and Revel Systems?  Both are mobile POS systems forbrick and mortar shops.  LightSpeed Retail is a better product today than Revel for retail (better matrix support) so I would look at them both anyway.  Revel is very strong in the restaurant industry and just got 100 million in VC and $25 million was from Intuit or Quickbooks.   Now all Quckbooks POS will be powered by Revel Systems!


Here's LightSpeed Connector.


Here's the Revel Connector.


If you're serious about your retail store and want to use a mobile POS that's quality and not a simple Magento Module, then look at Lightspeed and Revel Systems.   


Also, both of these POS Systems are integrated and powered by Kosmos eSync.   I love using this software, there's nothing to install and I can test right away without having to VPN into my customers POS to test and validate an integration.  Awesome software!