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Most reliable onestepcheckout M2.1.6?


Most reliable onestepcheckout M2.1.6?

We currently use only PayPal but will be putting in ebizmarts (most reliable for integrating sage )

Choices for one step checkout include:

And others

Of these which is the most stable and reliable for magento 2.

Running 2.1.6 for now

Re: Most reliable onestepcheckout M2.1.6?

Hello @TIMMY9


You have chosen reliable sites to develop OnePageCheckout Extension in Magento 2 for your ecommerce store. Apart from this, there are lots of reliable company who are providing OneStepCheckout Extension for Magento 2.

Some company provides you same to the same extension at best price with free installation service & support also.


No need to pay more for extension integration or any kind of development. Choose the best company for the best price.

Because it's not only about integration extension, more important thing is after integration hassle support & client's satisfaction.


MagentoGuys - Any further assistance for OneStepCheckout in Magento 2.

Thank You.

Re: Most reliable onestepcheckout M2.1.6?

Hey @TIMMY9,


I don't think you should be confined to limited companies. when you have time and its OPC, you shouldn't be very casual regarding this.


Google and then analyse what all features are being provided by the companies to make it easier for you. The feature I generally look for is that the customer can understand the whole process and don't leave the site after getting irritated. 


Social login, guest checkout, various shipping and payment methods should be made available to the user, option to fill voucher/coupon code. Guest checkout is necessary as every customer does not like to make account on every store.


There are other features which should be looked before finalizing the extension. 

Re: Most reliable onestepcheckout M2.1.6?


I just want to recommend you to use current Magento 2 One Step Checkout I am using. 

Firstly I also was confused when choosing which provider among famous brand names like Amazon, Webkul, Mageplaza, etc I have surfed for their product page and when I experienced in Landofcoder one, I was surprised because of their incredible demos that allow visitors to check before purchasing. 

This is the demo: 

- Frontend: 

- Backend:

After purchasing, all functions work very well without any disturbances (especially for magento 2.1.6 like you) , I have been satisfying with this extension and support service as well. 


Hope this helps for you!