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Multiple Parent/Child drop downs that display descriptions, images

Multiple Parent/Child drop downs that display descriptions, images

What I'm trying to do is a couple different things at once.


I want to be able to set up products with multiple 'options' (whether they are simple, configurable or grouped products doesn't matter to me). For these different Options, I want to be able to do the following:

- Have Parent/Child relationships, where the selection made in Option 1 determines what selections are available in Option 2, or 3, or whatever

- When someone chooses a selection from an Option, it will display a thumbnail image, description, etc for that selection somewhere (not always required for some Options, but ability to do so needs to be there). Should also be able to display both a thumbnail and a description, if so desired, not either/or.


Anyone with thoughts on how I can make this happen, that would be great. Oh, and the Options do need to be organized in drop-down menus, that is a requirement (can't use swatch display, we're possibly going to have over 100 selections in some Options, with thumbnails and descriptions, hence the display of it after they make the selection).


Currently running Community 1.7, upgrading to 1.9.2 within the month (unless someone has a compelling reason to go with another version, we need 1.9.2 for another extension)


Re: Multiple Parent/Child drop downs that display descriptions, images

Hello @tkovapor!


You can check out the Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento.

As for parent/child dropdowns, you can create such dropdowns and set conditional branching when an option is displayed or not depending on the selected conditions.

You can also use such elements as "Images" and "DIV/HTML Text" that can depend on selection in dropdowns.


Hope this helps!


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