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Need SIMPLE Drop Shipping Solution

Need SIMPLE Drop Shipping Solution

Hello, everyone!


Okay so here is my dilemma.  A while back I bought a drop shipping software for a few hundred bucks.  My mistake - they stopped support (even though they are STILL selling, they have a message on their web site that they are "closed for an indeterminate amount of time and will no longer be providing support").


I am a simple merchant with only 2 suppliers.  All i need is a simple plug-in that will send them an email when I get an order for them.  Something that also calculates shipping based on each of their shipping table rates would be nice, but not necessary - I am more worried about them getting automatic emails.


I keep looking for drop shipping solutions but they are all in the VERY high hundreds and have 50,000 features i will never use.  I just want to email my suppliers and maybe have shipping calculated as well.


Is there a solution out there, for 100 bucks or less, that can do this?  I did find "Easy Drop Shipping" at and that looks very close to what i need, but there are no reviews at all on it.  I want to compare options and hopefully get a product that isn't going to flake out and "keep selling after they close" (what's up with that anyway???)


By the way - the product that is selling even after they closed is "Ultimate Vendor Dropship", also available here at Magento Connect.  They are still selling it for €125.00.  They mention nowhere on the Magento Connect page that they are closed, and mention it nowhere on the front end of their web site, either.  It is not until you click the "contact us" button that you get the following message:


"Due to circumstances we are closed for a indefinite duration. During this period there will be no support. We are sorry for the inconvience."


They also advertise 1.9x on Magento Connect, yet my product only supports up to 1.8x.  Once I updated magento to 1.9x, it jacked up my admin area and now I cannot even access my configuration.  Not cool.


To me, either you are open or you are closed.  Either shut down the web site or stay open and provide proper customer service.  I am very sorry I gave them 125 Euro for a product that has no support at all, and my download link doesn't even go to the latest version of the product.  This is why I came here to look for a simpler solution that will actually work with Magento 1.9x


So - if anyone can recommend a good extension that can email suppliers automatically when an order is placed, I'd love that and I thank you VERY much in advance!  


Re: Need SIMPLE Drop Shipping Solution

Take a look at this extension

Here's the list of their dropshipping automation features. 

They also have a free package. Something that might work for you. 

Re: Need SIMPLE Drop Shipping Solution

It looks cool, but that one is made specifically for a specific set of suppliers.  My suppliers are completely not automated, and they are small artisans and crafters in a Renaissance community.  So all I need is the ability to automatically send an email to them once and order is placed, with the order information, so that they can immediately process the order without me having to manually send them the information.


For free, the one you linked is awesome for someone starting out and needing quick suppliers, etc.  But for me, I need something neutral and not linked to a pre-set set of suppliers.


I appreciate the answer, though Smiley Happy

Re: Need SIMPLE Drop Shipping Solution

Hi it look like you are looking for a multi vendor marketplace extension instead of dropshipping please check