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Need a subscription and recurring payments plugin with the following features...

Need a subscription and recurring payments plugin with the following features...

If no extension has all of these features, which one has the most?




1) Please elaborate more on this as delivery date is added when an order is placed i.e. even if it is subscribed. 

When the customer orders a subscription to a product, the first one will ship out same or next day. But they also get to choose the time interval between the recurring shipments and payments. The time interval can be customized by number of days. For example the customer can choose to order product A with a subscription. The first package will be shipped same or next day. They can now choose when the next time they will be charged to ship the next one out. We will allow them to choose between 1-90 days for the next one to ship out and automatically charge them whether it is a credit card or paypal.
Also, if they select 45 days for example, and it has only been 30 days, the customer should be able to go into their account and change the date. They may decide they want it to ship now or maybe they want it to be shipped on the 60th day instead of the 45th day. This should also be able to be done in the back end in case they call us by phone.
2) Edit delivery address. 
The customer might move to a different address between orders. If they do, they should be able to log into their account and update where the next package should be sent. We should be able to do this in the backend as well.
3) Pause subscription. 
Customer can choose to pause their subscription. When paused they will not be charged and items will not ship till they resume their subscription and choose the next shipping date.
4) Order several subscriptions at 1 time. 
We have several products they our customers may want to subscribe to. They should be able to order product A on the 1st of the month and have it shipped every 30 days. At the same time, they can subscribe to product B on the 15th of the month and have that shipped every 45 days. We should be able to do this in backend too. If the the ship dates of multiple subscriptions happen to be on the same day, the system should detect that so that we can ship them in the same package.
5) Customize quantity of each item in subscription.
Customer can choose how many items they want shipped. For example, if they subscribe to product A and have it shipped every 30 days, they can choose how many of product A they want shipped. They might want 3 of product A shipped every 30 days instead of just 1. They should also be able to log into their account and change the quantity at any time. We should be able to do this in the backend too.
6) Add other products to order with no subscription in the same order.
This means both subscribed products and non-subscribed products can be ordered at the same time and be included in the same package. Also, if their subscription is set to ship their order in the future, for example in 3 days, they can login to their account and add a non-subscription product to that same order that will ship in the same package.
7) Subscriptions need to place order in magento automatically then go to ship station.
All subscribed orders will be created in magento they day before they are shipped at 6PM (Time should also be customizable). The orders should then automatically go to our shipping software where we can print them out.
8) Full control of discount rules including compatibility with other discount rules. 
We should be able to choose what kinds of discounts we want to give to customers for choosing a subscription plan. Can be a percentage off subtotal, or a flat amount off or any other standard discount rule found in magento. If the customer adds a non-subscription item to their order, they should be able to use a coupon code for it. But the coupon code should only work for the non-subscribed item since the subscribed items will already be discounted.
9) Paypal compatible Query: What sort of compatibility you need with paypal there is a method of recurring payment in paypal, do you want that to be included?
Yes. Whether the customer pays with paypal, or credit/debit card, they should be able to use the recurring payments feature.  
10) All of the above options discussed should be presented clearly to the customer and look appealing on the front end of the website. Should be done in the most user friendly manner possible.

Re: Need a subscription and recurring payments plugin with the following features...

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