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Need help finding extension

Need help finding extension

 Hello Smiley Happy

Anybody that can tell me which extension there is used for price matrix, on this page?
specially the number price calculator in the buttom.


Thanks Ole


Re: Need help finding extension

Hi @Magento_Ole


Just taking a quick look at it the price table you are referering to, it seems be to custom developed since a lot of the JS has references to a development agency.

Re: Need help finding extension

Okay thanks!


Fun that no one have developed such a system?

Are there some one in here, who can make such a system??

Re: Need help finding extension

Hi Magento_Ole, 


We have an extension that could be an affordable workaround for what you are trying to achieve.

Product Units and Quantities for Magento


It allows you to specify measurement units for your products, for example, 100 - 120 -150 inches , and the price will change depending on which option the customer selects.


To show the options, you can use a dropbox, plus - minus or a slider

Different measurement units can be set per product or on the Global level. 


The only limitation is that you can use one measurement unit for a product at a time (e.g., volume), but not 2 or more.


Please, let us know if you have any question about this extension - we'll be happy to answer them!

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See our extensions for Magento 2.

Re: Need help finding extension

The site that you have shared is using Price calculator to calculate the price of product having variable sizes. We have also a Price Calculator extension which enables pricing based on length, width, height, volume & area.

FME Price Calculator Key Features:


  • Price Based on length, width, height of product
    Configure dynamic pricing formula for discounts
    Configure per unit price & base price
    Supports multiple input/output units


For file upload feature, check Photo Collage extension which comes with a CSV file where you can set the prices of the products based on different measurement sizes. As the users input the length & width this extension will display prices from CSV. Customers can upload image, crop it and add a frame to get the finalized image.

Re: Need help finding extension

Hello Ole!


If you are looking for the extension that shows a price matrix, there is an option to try the Product Price Formula extension for Magento. The module provides conditional branching, full flexible control over the final price via a chain of conditions. The final price is based on specific product options selected.


Hope this helps!

Best Regards,



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