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Need help with Gift Card extension

Need help with Gift Card extension

Hello there,

I'm looking for a Gift Card extension for my wife's store (hand-made bags). On Magento connect I found several popular variants from MageStore and Webtex.
Please, help me to sort out what Gift Card features are the most /essential/demanded/popular among customers to choose the right extension.



Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Please have a look at our Gift wrap extension which has multiple features like users can select

  • gift wrapping paper
  • Gift Card
  • custom image

Merchant benefits include:

  • Upload images of gift wrappers and gift cards along with prices
  • charge fees for these services

Why Chose FmeAddons:

30 Days money back guarantee

Free support

Timely free upgrades


View Demo here - Gift Wrapping Extension

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Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Hi @MorganDerek 

You could ask Penelope Garcia to find it for you but that's great you're asking here Smiley Happy


The most popular feature of Gift Card is a gift card as it is. That's great if a customer can customize it (choose design and value). Additionally, some people like getting such certificates via post office which makes them more personal.


Anyway, you can try some gift card mods and decide which works for you best. You can also check out ours

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Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Hi Lana,


you know, I agree with Amnasty! There're tons of gift card extensions on Magento Commerce and they all offer a huge amount of features.However, judging by my own experience, you will never need even a halp of them!


First I purchased a gift card module by magestore, however, I was really disappointed with their support! The extension triggered lots of conflicts with my custom theme and other extensions installed on my store, but their support team was rather unresponsive and reluctant to solve them! That was the reason why I applied for a refund after 2 weeks.


Now I'm using this module by webtex

and am pretty happy with it!


The extension perfectly handles all my needs, and does all as described. What I love about it is the ability to pre-generate gift certificates (that saves lots of time, esp during busy holiday seasons), and offline gift cards features. Also, their support is excellent! So I recommend you these guys!

Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

I think the one FME talked about above is a perfect fit.

Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Thanks evryone for the advice.

Special thanks to Mark, you've cleared things towards Magestore and Webtex up.

Nice joke,Amasty, I'll check your solution.

Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Hello, MorganDerek

You can check magento gift card extension by Magebay with awesome core features:

- Gift cards have different values ( Fixed Price , Price Range , Dropdown Price ).

- Gift cards are delivered through email or post office.

- Customers can check Gift card information.

- Print Gift Card to PDF.

- Supports multi currencies.

- Supports multi store.

- Configure what will be displayed on Product Page Card Page and Checkout Page.

- Working with One Step Checkout.


To know more details, you can check live demo here:



Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Magento Gift Card & Certificate extension from aheadWorks provides next valuable functionality features you will certainly find useful and relevant:

- New gift card product type;

- Gift cards with fixed and open (customers choose the value independently) values;

- Gift Card codes email notifications;

- Adjustable gift card duration;

- Checkout with gift cards;

- Refundable gift cards;

- Gift card usage statistics;

- Advanced backend gift card management (creation, deletion, increase or decrease code amounts, etc);

- Multistore support.


Magento 2:

Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

Re: Need help with Gift Card extension

You may also check out Gift Cards Magento Extension.


With the extension you will be able to:

  •     generate 3 types of gift card products: email, print-out and mail
  •     set up flexible pricing schemes for each product
  •     create/edit gift card codes, resend immediately, change status of gift cards, etc.
  •     pre-generated gift cart/ gift certificates
  •     generate codes in bulk
  •     and even manage Gift Cards with API

Click >> HERE << to check the extension's demo version. 




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