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Online food ordering extension

Online food ordering extension

Hello all,


I'm searching for more information on how to accomplish the following task. 

I would like to build an online food ordering website and I thought that using Magento could be a good idea. 


I have already started building the checkout system using extensions and given scripts. The extension I can't seem to find is a Catalog extension which makes the default catalog (grid view with images) to something that looks like a vertical list where users can change the amount of each product. 


If this can be done by using html/css/js, then this would be awesome. But as far as I know this can't be achieved by using those languages alone. 



I have attached an example of how i would like it to be. 


I really hope someone can guide me in the right direction. Thanks already!


Re: Online food ordering extension

Re: Online food ordering extension



Please share how you resolved the problem.  I am building a food site as well.  Thanks.