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Open Login for China

Open Login for China



We would like to integrate QQ/Weibo/Alipay login for our site in China.  Has anyone tried the following extension:



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Re: Open Login for China

Hello there,


   You can try this magento social login extension from Mageaddon, it provide supporting many popular social networks

Re: Open Login for China

Since it has such low use, spend the 50 bucks and find someone to audit the extension. Preferably one who speaks chinese - if you don't understand the code comments, reviewing becomes harder and there's a good chance that you need to be able to read the API documentation the social networks publish.


It's well worth the investment: a flaw in the implementation can expose your customers or the people of in your customer's network to unauthorized access. This is not very good for your reputation. Things like this happen even with code and API's that have had thousands pairs of eyes on them (see for instance this recent article).


As a ballpark, I'd offer 2-4 hours per social network, but a lot depends on the code itself and the differences between de providers. This isn't an actual offer (unfortunately I don't speak chinese), just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Re: Open Login for China


We are official partner of Alipay, Unionpay and Wechat Pay. We can help you integrate to these payment methods only in one-step. You can also download free module from our website

Re: Open Login for China

There are many Magento extensions available that can help you integrate social login functionality to ecommerce e-store.

Take a look at this Social login in Magento that allows visitors to log in using their social networking accounts like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.