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Order Import/Export

Order Import/Export


we're looking to export module for mag 2.4.1

we need a detailed order/invoice export in order to be able to import to our own accounting software, it must be detailed per product by line items

Any idea is welcome


Re: Order Import/Export

You can use Store Manager for Magento, it allows exporting the following order-related data:

  • Order ID
  • Order #
  • Base Shipping Refunded
  • Customer Bal Total Refunded
  • Items Base Price Incl Tax
  • Discount Tax Compensation Invoiced
  • Customer Group ID
  • Shipping Description
  • Customer Prefix
  • Customer Email
  • Base Shipping Canceled
  • Base Subtotal Invoiced
  • Base Total Invoiced Cost
  • Discount Amount
  • Shipping Discount Tax Compensation Amount
  • Can Ship Partially
  • Subtotal
  • Gift Message ID
  • Email Sent
  • Customer Taxvat
  • Shipping Address ID
  • Base Gift Cards Refunded
  • Shipping Tax Refunded
  • Tax Amount
  • Base Reward Currency Amount
  • Weight
  • Reward Points Balance Refund
  • Base Shipping Amount
  • Total Refunded
  • Base Shipping Tax Refunded
  • Shipping Canceled
  • Relation Child Real ID
  • Store Currency Code
  • Base Currency Code
  • Base Subtotal
  • Quote Address ID
  • Total Canceled
  • Forced Shipment With Invoice
  • Discount Description
  • Base Shipping Tax Amount
  • Customer Balance Refunded
  • Ext Customer ID
  • Customer Firstname
  • Product Type
  • Order Item Updated At
  • Order Item Description
  • Order Item Base Cost
  • Product ID
  • Order Item Base Price
  • Customer gender name and more.

Re: Order Import/Export


You can use Mageplaza order export extension. This extension helps store owners to export order data of order to CSV, XML, Excel, or JSON. Store owners can back up or deliver these export data to the related third parties quickly and easily. Features:

- Quick export client information: order, item, dispatching and client data

- Export orders in preset layouts

- Order Export support 6 export types

- Speedy see results

- Channel orders to export

- Auto-transfer export documents to a distant worker by means of FTP/SFTP

Hope this helps!

Re: Order Import/Export



Magento 2 Import Export Extension by Elsner helps you to import and export your categories and subcategories and data such as Metadata and category image into the Magento store using a CSV file in a tree structure. This extension is Compatible with Magento 2.1x, 2.2.x

Re: Order Import/Export

Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup brings with it the ease for your customers to locate stores and pick up their products. With the help of Magento 2 Store Locator and Pickup extension you can allow your customers to select the store, date, and time of their choice.


As a business owner you can show your working days and hours to your customers. Your website admin can make all the necessary changes from the backend easily. Without any hassle, configure multiple stores and provide locations of multiple stores and pick up to your customers.