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Order Import Function for Customers

Order Import Function for Customers

Hi All,


First time posting in the Magento Forums.

I was just wondering if this is feasible.


My company has a Magento 2 community website. My manager has approached me to start scoping out to see if we can add a function on our website for our customers, so that they can import orders through our website. We are a B2B company and our customers order bulk items and they already know the SKU of the product they'd like to order. 


Is it possible to add a function/extension that allows customers to download a template, populate it (SKU & quantity) and upload. Once uploaded it adds the products to their cart and they can can review and proceed with the normal checkout process. Validation would also be ideal.


Is this something that has been done before or is feasible?


If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks!


Re: Order Import Function for Customers

Hi Aaron,


Welcome to the forum!


This is now an available B2B feature in the paid version of Magento Commerce (aka Enterprise Edition). However, there are extensions that will add this functionality to Magento Open Source (aka Magento Community). Here are some examples:


Best of luck!

Re: Order Import Function for Customers

Thanks for the prompt response Robert!


It is much appreciated! Smiley Happy 

Re: Order Import Function for Customers

My pleasure! Hopefully it was the solution you were looking for.

Re: Order Import Function for Customers

Hi Aaron,


You can just use one extension and get all the features of a B2B or Wholesale store. B2BMage provides out of the box solution for the hollowing: 

Easy Account Management

Advanced Catalogues & Pricing

One-Click Purchasing

Advanced Order Management with Quotations and Approvals

Flexible Checkout Options

Mobile Optimized B2B Store

Automated Business Cycle with ERP Integration

Additional B2B Features

Re: Order Import Function for Customers

Hi there,


I highly recommend this Magento 2 Quick Order by BSS Commerce.  It fulfills your requirements perfectly.

Thanks to it, your B2B customers can upload a file of product names and SKUs, then bulk order all these products rapidly.

See the ways this extension supports ordering:

  • Quickly order by SKU or product names using a form
  • Bulk order multiple products via CSV file upload
  • Prefill bestsellers or frequently bought items in the fast order form
  • Efficiently select all product options in a smart popup
  • Access a sticky Mini Quick Order for fast purchases on any page

Hope this is helpful! If it helps, please give me a Kudo or Accept as Solution!

James Hoang