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Price Per Metre

Price Per Metre

Does anybody know of an extension that can sell products per metre?  I sell fencing and for every 3.02metres sold I need to add a fence post i.e. if somebody buy 300metres I need to add 100 posts (300/3.02 = 99.34 rounded up to 100).


I realise it's a bit niche, but are there any extensions which would do this? 


Re: Price Per Metre

Is this calculated into the price of the fence or do you need to have it on the order as a separate item?

Re: Price Per Metre

Is fence based on every metred or fixed; I mean do it change metred wise ? not sure whether this kind of extension already  or not but yes possible to maange.


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Re: Price Per Metre

Yes there is an extension available for this that allows you to set pricing per unit; the unit can be centimeter, inch, feet or meter.

You can read more about this price calculator module by FmeExtension

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Re: Price Per Metre


You can try this extension –

It allows to set prices per meter. The final price of your products will depend on the entered product’s dimensions.


Hope it will be of help!

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