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Price table / grid layout

Price table / grid layout

As we offering printing services, one of the key features of our website / webshop is giving the customer an easy view of pricing.


Therefore I am looking for a module, that will add a tab with a grid of pricing, based on custom options.


E.g. Paper type in the first column, quantities in the first row..








Re: Price table / grid layout

Are these custom options based on predefined values or are they like measurements  that people need to fill out?


Apart from the template changes (which can be done outside of the functionality) you'll probably need this extension.

Re: Price table / grid layout



There are couple of extension that can help you, here is the one that is suitable for the merchants dealing in paintings, printings, blinds and other similar niches where the prices of the products varry in sizes.

Here the one that calculates prices of different sizes


Here is another solution if you are looking for an advance extension that calculates prices on sizes and then let users to attach custom options.

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Re: Price table / grid layout

Hi, please take a look at Magento Price Matrix Extension


It supports a wide range of product’s attributes with different prices and options.

Re: Price table / grid layout



Check out this Product Price Formula module for Magento that provides a price matrix based on specific product options selected.


Hope this helps!

Regards, Alex


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