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Processing credit cards with Quickbooks

Processing credit cards with Quickbooks

The issue at hand: Quickbooks is ending their sync manager support for 3rd party extensions on March 1st. Our current extension takes customer payment info from magento and processes it through our quickbooks merchant services. Magento displays info obtained from quickbooks such as transaction ID and the status of the payment (processing, pended, complete, etc)


We are looking for the simplest replacement solution to be able to take credit card payment info from magento and process it through our Quickbooks Desktop software.


This is the extension we are currently using:


We do not wish to integrate to the online version of quickbooks, we want to stick with the desktop version. Our current web team seems to think that hiring a developer to create our own integration solution with the quickbooks Desktop SDK and the web connector is the best option. We feel that it is likely that their is already an appropriate extension to fulfill our needs.  


We are also not looking to use any extensions that have a monthly fee. The purpose of integrating with our Quickbooks merchant services is so that we can avoid any additional fees that would result from using an additional merchant service such as authorize net that would allow for a simpler integration solution. 


Any insight or advice is appreciated.