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Product Customization (T Shirt Example)

Product Customization (T Shirt Example)



I assume this may have been asked before, bt i couldn't find a clear example - if one exists and was answered please simply direct me there.


Essentially I want to know if there's an extension that allows users to customize certain products. the site I am considering building is not a tshirt company, but it makes for a good example.  Is there a tool that would allow someone to pick a t-shirt, for example, and on the next screen upload their logo and see the logo on the t-shirt before adding to cart?


I am quite certain an extesnion exisits for akamai taht can do this - can anyone offer their experieences using one? 


It wouldn't need to be much more than that, except teh logo would need to be associated with the order.


Re: Product Customization (T Shirt Example)

I saw your issues. I suggest you Magento t shirt design tool - PDC by Magebay that solving your issues. Please check the live demo carefully. If you consider about it, let's contact with developers. They are very helpful to support for you.

To know more details, you can check at :