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Product Option with Ajax search

Product Option with Ajax search

Hi all


I have a client who is selling custom frames.


Basically they want the customer to select the type of frame and then the size of the frame. The problem is that the frame sizes can be anything from 200mm through to 3000mm. Each frame size alters the price slightly in seemingly no pattern whatsoever... the price increases at 210, then 230, then 280, 297 and randomly on and on altering the total price slightly. 


The client has requested that we have a field entry with ajax functionality so when the user starts typing sizes are suggested in order to make it easier for the end user.


Does anyone know of an extension which might be able to handle this or someone who can give me a cost for something like this?





Re: Product Option with Ajax search

Can anyone help on this?

Re: Product Option with Ajax search

Hi John,


Are type of frame and the size custom options? or each frame is a separate product?


Best regards,


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