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Product Warranty

Product Warranty


Is there an extension that does the following?  I've discovered a few product warranty extensions but they don't seem to fit our needs.  Our warranty is through a company called "warrentech" but they do not provide any sort of third party tools to enable the warranty on a shopping platform.


Give the customer the ability to purchase an optional extended warranty on product page
- specify what products/categories to apply to
- specify what time frame the warranty option is for (ie +1 year, +2 year or +3 year), config in BE
- link to product warranty into page (pop up in product page), customizable from BE.
- adds the warranty to check out with the product
- emails customer warranty on product (is this necessary, how do warranties usually work?)
- displays on customer "my account" page "extended warranty" has been purchased for show products below. If customer clicks on previous order show that this has warranty enabled and when it expires.


Re: Product Warranty

You can set this up as a virtual product but you would have to customize the Grouped or Bundled product types to allow for a virtual. I think doing that would cover everything you want to do.

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