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Product discount based on fixed quantity

Product discount based on fixed quantity

Hi all, I use Magento2, I need to sell single normal products and products that I can offer in a box of 3 and in a box of 9.

I would like to have the product page with a radio button where I can select between:

- box with 1 product (price)

- box with 3 products (price discounted by X)

- box with 9 products (price discounted by XY)

and then I can put my selected box in the cart.

In the cart, I need to see the boxes and I can't change the number of products.

I created a simple product and 3 bund products, but I'm still not convinced this is the right way. How can I visualize the product page? Any suggestions? Maybe, any extensions? 



Re: Product discount based on fixed quantity

@francesca_dalla serra Have you tried tier price?

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Re: Product discount based on fixed quantity

Thank you, but unfortunately, this is not the right solution. I need the single product page show the 3 boxes, and there the customer could select the box that they want.

I am starting to personalize the single product page and show there the 3 bundles.

Any other solution? Thanks

Re: Product discount based on fixed quantity

Dear @francesca_dalla serra :

For your question related to the appropriate extensions, I would suggest you take a look at Magento 2 Grouped Product Promotions extension. With this module, you can create fixed promo sets a and apply various bundle discounts.



Re: Product discount based on fixed quantity

Dear @alexanderstein,

thank you very much but unfortunately, that was not the right solution. 

I am working on bundled products: the product page that we sell in different packages will have 3 choices (3 radiobuttons related to 3 bundles), the "add to cart" button will put the selected package in the cart. Then, I need to link the bundled products from the cart to the same single product with the 3 radiobuttons.

I thought my question was a common need, but I realized that I had to implement by myself the solution.