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Product-filtering "Wizard"

Product-filtering "Wizard"

Hi, we want to suggest to our user the right product(s) for their needs, trough a sort of "Wizard" process that will guide them trough some steps/choices, up to the final results.
You can look at this good live example:

Technically it would mean implementing a live AJAX product-filtering operating on a single page (you can find some explanations about how the shown example works here:

The filtering process could be dynamic (ex. based on product attributes) or "static" (predetermined questions that will lead to a predetermined results).

Is there any extensions able to achieve that results, or any developer that was able to replicate the provided example?

Thank you!


Re: Product-filtering "Wizard"

Outside the separate page, this functionality, in fact, duplicates, Magento layered navigation. Of course, it is less entertaining, but it can offer your customers the chance to stop filtering at any step and consider some wider ranges of products.


If your requirements to the process are not so rigid you can consider our Layered Navigation extensions for Magento or Magento 2. Perhaps, you'll find them suitable enough.


Magento Layered Navigation

Magento 2 Layered Navigation

Re: Product-filtering "Wizard"

We have an extension called Shopping Assistant that lets you do just that. The highest version it works with is Magento

It lets you set up a series of questions (or directions) for your customers. Depending on how they answer, they end up with a list of products. 

It takes some time to set up, but this extension has proved extremely helpful in some instances.

Smiley Wink

Please let us know if you have any questions about it.

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Re: Product-filtering "Wizard"

Hi Icosaedro,


You can try Zuvoo. It’s a platform that lets you create an interactive shopping assistant or product finder, similar to the one on the site you shared. It’s easy to set up and to customize, no programming skills needed. Just like you mentioned, you can set up questions and answers and connect them to certain product attributes in your database through different logical rules. At the end, the customer gets suitable product recommendations along with a summary of how these products meet his needs (based on the matching attributes).


If you want to use it on one domain, it’s even free for up to 2000 starts of the “wizard” per month. Here are some examples here.


Let me know when there’s anything I can help you with.