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Provide a list of Bundled Products currently Out of Stock

Provide a list of Bundled Products currently Out of Stock

I am using Magento 2.2.1 Enterprise.


I work primarily with the Bundled Product type, and am having trouble getting visibility into stock availability on a bundled product basis. On our site, we have a stock status set up for In Stock that won't display the 'In Stock' text if one of the default simple products selected in the bundled configuration is out of stock. However, I have no way of actually seeing a whole list of what those bundles are in the back end. The only way I can do it right now is to have a category page set up with all of our bundled products in it, and then I can see and manually count which ones DON'T show 'In Stock'. I've seen the Amasty extension to allow customers to subscribe to out of stock bundles and get notified when they're back in stock, but this still doesn't let me, as an admin, see a list of those systems. I can only see a list of the ones subscribed to.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


Re: Provide a list of Bundled Products currently Out of Stock

Hi @tosha_hawley,


It looks like you could utilize some extension with pre-order functionality. Take a look at this one, it allows you to set the status of your simple products to "pre-order" so the customer will see that this particular item is to restock soon (you can even notify him once it happens). As an admin, you will see these items in the orders but won't be able to ship them until they restock.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Provide a list of Bundled Products currently Out of Stock

Hi mate,

I understand you concerning. I think that this extension can help you to support you in that:

Magento 2 Preorder Extension

There are many outstanding features:

  • Customer can pre-order upcoming products & Out of Stock Products
  • Replace ‘Add to Cart’ button with ‘Pre-order’ one both on product & category pages
  • Customer can pay full or partial payment
  • Automatic 'Product is back', 'Back in Stock' notifications
  • Set a custom message to display on the preorder product page
  • Use pre-order function for simple, configurable, grouped or bundle products
  • Admin can set preorder status and availability date
  • Multi-Lingual & RTL Support
  • Quickly Sold Product
  • Fully Customizable

Hope that this extension can help you !

Thank you very much

Best Regards