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RMA extension on Magento 2

RMA extension on Magento 2


I need to install Magento2 RMA extension for my store. Could you recommend me one? 


Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Hi @Daisy082,

You can look over here for purchase RMA extension in Magento 2.


Click here


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Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Hello @Daisy082,


Please check this extension
Which have good review and also check below feature which is required for this extension.


Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a powerful tool for managing returns and/or exchanges of goods. This extension is important if you wish to build strong relationships with your store customers and win their trust and loyalty.

  • Let customers create return/exchange requests quickly and easily
  • Reduce the load on your managers
  • Manage an intuitive and step-by-step frontend interface
  • Support of guests and registered customers RMA
  • Create RMA from the backend
  • Add own RMA statuses, reasons, resolutions
  • Analyze RMAs with powerful reports

Demo link:


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Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Hi @Daisy082,

I can here suggest you the RMA extension which satisfy all your needs with cheapest price

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Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Hello @Daisy082

IF you want one simple solution and then try out refund request extension

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Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

I suggest you MageAnts magento 2 rma extension

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

If you are looking for good magento 2 rma extension then you won't find any better price for value than this one

It's very user-friendly for your customers and highly customizable for admins.

Re- Magento 2 RMA Extension

Hello there, 


Please find the link- Magento 2 RMA Extension. This extension is fully equipped with the features you would require for your store. 

We also have a Marketplace version of this extension.


Click here for the same. 


Thanks and Regards

Re: RMA extension on Magento 2

Hi there!

MageDelight Magento 2 RMA Extension Product Return & Exchange Extension effortlessly manages product return and order exchange on an online store. It improves brand loyalty, customer retention & satisfaction.

Best regards
Kuldeep Sharma