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Reduce loading time on Magento site

Reduce loading time on Magento site

Hi there, 

I am looking for an extension that can reduce loading time on my Magento site because it takes much time to load and cause customers leave the site. I try some extensions but they have problems with Full Page Cache module. 


Re: Reduce loading time on Magento site

Hi Jacob, 

You can try Magento Defer JavaScript Extension to reduce loading time on your site 

Magento Defer JavaScript is developed to help your Magento store to perform faster and more efficient by deferring parsing of JavaScript. As a result, customers do not have to wait so long for loading pages and of course, your Magento store will reduce bounce rates as well as keep customers stay in your store longer.

Reduce loading time by deferring JavaScript loading till the last moment or moving JavaScript Files to the bottom after loading HTML and CSS files. This contributes to improving site performance and engage customers to stay on the site.


Fix all the problems with Full Page Cache module


Check it out HERE:


Re: Reduce loading time on Magento site

Hello jacoblb,


The extensions do not always help to improve the website speed. There may be some other things halting the website speed and need some tweaking. We at FmeExtensions offering website speed optimization service to help our clients get the loading speed less than 2 seconds.


Please read the details here,

Re: Reduce loading time on Magento site

Hi jacoblb, 

Top 1 reasons why eCommerce websites are slow is that they are lazy to compress images. Only 45% of stores do that. There is a free nifty tool for image compression called Optimizilla that we recommend. 

Besides, if your product pages have a large number of links to third-party resources such as embedded videos or hotlinked images, social sharing buttons - this increases the number of DN

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Re: Reduce loading time on Magento site

Magento 2 Defer JavaScript is available now with outstanding features: 

- Defer parsing of JavaScript to speed up websites 

- Defer Iframe also 

- Improve ranking on search engine