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Reorder Reminder by product

Reorder Reminder by product

Hi, I need a module of Reorder Reminder that the time for the reminder is setted up by the admin, on each product.


Some one knows s module like that?


Re: Reorder Reminder by product

Hi @marcelonhenhe


This extension can help you with this:

You need to customize this extension as per your requirement. We can help you with this.

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Re: Reorder Reminder by product

You can also try our Follow Up Email extension, which sends reminders on multiple custom occasions, including orders or abandoned carts.

Magento 1:

Magento 2:

Re: Reorder Reminder by product

How much would you charge to make the customization to work as I want too?
I want to send email to remind the client to reorder the product, each product will have it own amount of days, according with the time that the client will probably take to consume all the product, and after, or close to the customer consume all the product they receive an email reminding to reorder, so they don't stays without the product.

Re: Reorder Reminder by product

Hi marcelonhenhe, 


We have developed an extension that sends review reminders after a particular time period (per product), but you can repurpose it to send about any product-related reminder with a custom template.


Here's the extension's page on Magento Connect:


Please, let us know if you've got any questions about this plugin Smiley Wink

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Re: Reorder Reminder by product

Now, when you provided some additional information, the machanism you need seems much closer to the recurring sales model, when customers purchase the same or similar products on a recurring basis. This functionality is covered by our Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension without additional customizations.

In order to achieve your goal you just need to creat individually adjusted subscriptions for each customer accurately considering their consuption periods and the built-in notification system will automatically send customers riminders on the coming soon subscription expirtaion.

This functionality is provided in the demo store of the extension. Please refer to it.

Product page:

Re: Reorder Reminder by product

Did you ever find a good solution? We have the exact same need.