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Reorder extension

Reorder extension

Hi! I need such an extension so that my customers can see what they’ve ordered the previous time and could easily reorder it in a few clicks, but so that the module could be in CE


Re: Reorder extension


I think this one may be helpful - Easy reorder 

And it's available in CE.


Hope it's helpful to you!


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Re: Reorder extension

Hii @rrronie11180f4 


I would be recommended Magento 2 Reorder Specific Product extension is the best according to your need. 

It helps boost your website sales by allowing customers to reorder a product that they have purchased in the past with one click. 

Re: Reorder extension



I know an extension that is absolutely perfect for your demand: Magento 2 Reorder Product. With this module, customers can see the previous orders and re-order in the blink as well. 

Furthermore, they also can check product details by quick view popup. 


One more thing that maybe impress you is the reorder module supports Rest API now. 


Best lucks, guys.


Re: Reorder extension

Hello rrronie11180f4,


The Re-order Product List extension for Magento 2 allows customers to reorder previously purchased products quickly in their Accounts. It is created to provide B2B-focus reorder function for wholesale businesses & customers that fit to work for all Magento 2 product types.


Reorder extension is a service that allows you to add products to your shopping cart from a previously ordered list. It offers many features, a user-friendly interface, and customization options that help store owners keep track of their inventory levels.


You can select reorder extension as per your requirements. Here are some of the Reorder extension providers you can pick from,


  1. Aheadworks
  2. BSS Commerce
  3. Mageworx
  4. SimiCart
  5. Magetop
  6. Dckap
  7. Mageplaza
  8. Webkul
  9. Evincemage
  10. Magezon
  11. Amasty
  12. Magesales


The Reorder Extension for Magento allows you to keep track of your inventory and reorder products when necessary. This extension is especially useful for businesses that have many products to deal with and need to keep track of their stock levels. In addition, you can set up automatic reordering for your products so that you never run out of stock.


Thus, the above given are the Reorder extension providers. You can select the extension from any of the above sites as per your requirements.


I hope the above information helps you find Reorder extensions for your customers.




Rex M

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Re: Reorder extension

Hi there,

We think it would be a good choice from Landofcoder. They provide MAGENTO 2 REORDER PRODUCTS EXTENSION which will help:

- Replace the default with advanced reorder products
- Reorder specific or multiple products at once
- Display all previous orders in one place
- Check product details by quick view popup
- Quickly search ordered products from the list
- Support to reorder all product types
- Support REST API
- Manage to reorder settings effortlessly

Try it here!

Re: Reorder extension

Reorder previous products extension adds a grid on the frontend that contains key details related to previous purchases made by the customer. They can reorder products directly from this grid that saves time and allows customers to reorder their favorite products.

  • Adds a Detailed Previous purchases grid in the My Account Section
  • Grid records key details about previous purchases made by the customer
  • Directly add products to cart from the grid
  • Ability to reorder multiple products from the grid

The following link Magento 2 Previously Ordered Products would be useful.