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Reviews for Magento2 Auction Extension

Reviews for Magento2 Auction Extension

Hi all, 

Is there anyone here that have used any Auction Extension that you find it most beneficial for your site, please give me your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Reviews for Magento2 Auction Extension

Hi buddies,


I am using Magento 2 Auction Extension from Landofcoder for my store. As I see this extension works perfectly on my site and give best traffic for my site. Customers are so interested in our auction. Specially, I am really like their Free Installation Service Extension.


With our Auction Extension for Magento 2, we support to build a Professional Auction Page to allow store owners offer limited products for bid, taking bids and sell it for highest bidder. Ease to create & use, full manage Auction, 2 types of Auction Support, Automatic Auction, Reserve Auction, Incremental Auction for their product set will help your customers get wonderful experience on your Auction Page. In addition, you can improve your rank on the search engine by climbing of time on site and your product value bring.


Hope it useful for you.