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SAGE X3 ERP Integration

SAGE X3 ERP Integration

looking for a solution to integrate sage x3 erp to an ecommerce platform, mainly for order capture.

data needs to be pulled from sage x3 such as inventory details and user info.
it is multi warehouse structured (4 different sites), orders will be processed via sage x3 then sent back to the platform for user reference.
are there any readily available solutions via extension or will this be custom development? if so any heads up on where to go?


Re: SAGE X3 ERP Integration


We have an extension aiming to integrate almost any ERP systems.

Please contact our support on all necessary details. Hope that they will be able to help you.

Re: SAGE X3 ERP Integration

Good news!  A new Sage X3 pre-built "connector" for Magento was just certified by Sage this month.


Check it out here  


Good luck with your business.  Smiley Happy


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