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SEO extension

Re: SEO extension


Re: SEO extension

I use magworx seo extension for almost all my clients. For me it's the best solution for now.

Mirasvit - I do not like their support and templates functonality.

Amasty - they just combine all their seo-related extensions in one kit. However, I'm not sure how import tags is related to site optimization Smiley Happy

Re: SEO extension

I Think SEO Suite helps a lot. Its not just limited to old days seo of title & description. This consists of richsnippet, rel=next/prev, canonical etc.. We @ Sparx IT Solutions use this extension for most of our clients. This helps in implementing all the advanced seo things


Re: SEO extension



You can use Reward Points by module, this is not really SEO extension, but this encoreage customers share, like products on Social networks.

This helps SERP better.

Awesome One Step Checkout extension for your online store


Hi, New to Magento and trying to justify the software from my old but working software. SEO is always paramont, anhd just wondering how others have found this software when fairing on the WEB. Google seems to stillbe the consumer favourite search engine, and natural high listing is paramount. I have a couple of quick broad questions.


  1. Does Magento generate SEO friendly URLs.
  2. Does it use canonical links or a plugin to help.
  3. The comunity version supports some SEO on the pages, how does it perform in the real world.

Sorry if these are broad questions but testing the water so to speak.





> Does Magento generate SEO friendly URLs.


Yes. The default version of Magento lets you generte SEO-friendly URLs for any product and category page.


But if you want to more efficiently optimize your category pages (e.g create a pager URL format for paginated pages, optimize sub-category URLs); generate SEO-friendly URLs for prodcut reviews pages and pages generated by layered nabigation, you need a seperate Magento SEO extension for that. 


> Does it use canonical links

Yes, it does.


With Magento you can save yourself from lots of duplicate content issues by turning canonicals on for both products and categories. That can be done right in the Admin Panel.

However, the canonical tag settings in the defaut version of Magento are rather basic. And, to handle such tasks as resolving duplicate content issues between several domains, setting and managing canonical tag on product reviews, pages of layered navigation, you also need a Magento SEO module.

> The comunity version supports some SEO on the pages, how does it perform in the real world. 


Yes, the Comminity version is fitted with basic SEO functionality that you can effectively use for your Magento website.


Summing up, Magento DOES come with some essential SEO features. However, if you want to make your website more search engine friedly and improve its SEO performace, you need to use additional tools.

Innovative, top-performing Magento Extensions (with an array of FREE tools).

Re: SEO extension

Hi Simon, 


Your question is a bit old by now, but it stil very relevant for a lot of webshop owners!

I think you should have a look at ReloadSEO

ReloadSEO let's you create quality content that makes your visitors and the search engines happy. Our algorithm checks every little detail that has influence on your Search Engines Rankings and Ad Quality score.


Have a look at the features, and start optimising today


Re: SEO extension

The most famouse and useful Magento Seo extensions devepoed by Mageworx. The most popular is Seo Suite Ultimate.

There are many modules and solutions for separate seo purposes. For instanse, Google rech snippets creation.


There are many Rich Snippets modules for Magento.
Most of them are free because they don't work properly. Usually mods use murkup, somtimes use Data vocabulary.

One of the really working mod is Mageworx Magento Rich Snippets extension.
Creates Google Rich snippets, supports Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards.


Rich snippets


There is a posibility to create Rich snippets for events


Re: SEO extension

Definitely, Mageworx SEO Suite for is the best seo for Magento 1 with recently added Cross links and Meta templates.


Unfortunately, their Magento 2 seo mod has only basic options now such as canonical and meta editor, sitemaps. 

Re: SEO extension

Beside friendly URLs, layered navigation and rich snippets, etc.

What about using user-generated content for word of mouth marketing? For me, the previous customer content is one of the most effective ways to attract and persuade your potential customers to make purchases on my store!

I'm so happy to find out BSS Unboxed Extension. It supports:

- New visitors:

       * Review product images uploaded by your customers who bought the items.

       * Comment, like, share images uploaded by other customers

       * Search and sort images by location, popularity and chronology 

       * Tag product names and location on Google Maps

customer uploaded images on Google Maps

=> New visitors will be persuaded by other customers' images, they are more likely to buy products on my store.

- Account users:

Besides having visitor rights, users who have accounts are entitled to:

       * Edit account profile information, images, etc.

       * Manage album as well as followers, followings, etc.

 => Enhance their experiences

Edit profile Magento Unboxed

Unboxed Extension uses customer images as endorsements on my site, the color of pictures are more appealing than text as testimonials, reviews does.

The extension makes my site more tempting to customers. Sales are boosted up greatly, too.