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SEO extension

Re: SEO extension

Seems a bit un clear question, since no body is perfect, you have to rely on reviews, or may be some time try one, 


Regarding seo extensons, so many out there for different purposes, e.g. canonical extension for Magento helps eliminate duplicate content.


Similarly, you might need seo extension to add rich snippets, or do more. It depends exactly what you are looking for. 



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Re: SEO extension

SEO is a very important factor now a day, Before Selection any extension, firstly check what and which types of features have?


Some Keypoint: 

1: Should have on-page features.

2: Easy to Integrate with Google analytics, webmaster, Google Tag Manager.

3: Easy to get any daily and monthly report. 


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Re: Magento SEO extension

SEO Hub is the one stop solution for all the important on-page SEO parameters that need to be taken care of for a Magento store. All our products come with 15 days money back guarantee. So buy SEO Hub now with confidence!

Re: SEO extension

The Magento developement team developed the Image View Extension to attract the number of visitors towards your Magento eCommerce store. It is designed to increase the sales of the product and to improve the customer services. This extension is used to view the product images quickly without wasting the time for loading the image from the site.


Re: SEO extension

There are lots of Magento extension which can support SEO.
If you are using Magento 2, I would like to introduce these 2 extensions from BSSCommerce which enhance 2 most basic feature in SEO: meta information and rich snippets.

1. Magento 2 Meta Tags Template: Auto-adding meta description, meta title, meta keywords and description for products and categories in Magento 2 by customizing meta tags template.
2. Magento 2 Rich Snippets: add Rich Snippets, breadcrumbs, rating, price, review… for products and other information of your Magento 2 store in search result pages.

Or you can check out more amazing extension at our SEO Tools category

Re: SEO extension

You can also check out our Magento 2 extensions for more amazing module!

Re: SEO extension

Get your name in the highest ranking is a survival game in the ecommerce world. BSSCommerce proudly introduces you the complete Magento 2 SEO Extension including all SEO tools you need for your store

The SEO Extension supports:

  • Get rid of duplicate content by Canonical URLs.
  • Detailed indexation through robots.txt file settings.
  • Including advanced HTML and XML sitemap for better SEO.
  • Hreflang Tags to solve the multi-store view duplicate content worries.
  • Enhanced display in SERPs with Rich Snippets.
  • SEO Advanced Breadcrumbs for better navigation.
  • Meta tags template for bulk-adding meta information.
  • SEO Redirect: eliminate 301 and 302 redirect issue.

Checkout Magento 2 SEO Extension and get free consulting from our Magento experts!

Re: SEO extension

I was just amazed with the results. This is certainly the most modern SEO extension in the market opencart or any other SEO driver community . The variety of features is impressive, but it is so well distributed between the modules that can be sorted out in a few minutes. I would recommend it to anyone truly interested in SEO.

Re: SEO extension

Yaah, this is right SEO suite is the best medium to grow our business in top level .

Re: SEO extension


A great tool to see what a website is built with and what technology it has.


Great tool for checking the canonical urls (only on pages that are different to the canonicals)

Redirect Path:

Really useful to see if there are any forms of redirects.

META SEO Inspector:

Overall SEO inspector

Page load time:

Useful to see your page load time.

Analytics tool, looks to be a high end high cost software.

Text-Only Mode:

A neat little plugin to quickly turn off/on graphics on a page. Really useful to remove the clutter and see the meat of the site

Page Explorer: Page Explorer, to check onsite SEO tags and elements

Chedders runs this tool, useful to see elements of the pages (such as Title/h1/h2/time to get page/images etc) any feature requests and bugs please do message him.


Useful to see the core of the page, great for seeing things that you may miss otherwise.


These are some of the best and useful extensions we use @ Angular Minds .