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Same store for multiple countries and different shipping table rate


Same store for multiple countries and different shipping table rate



 We are in the development of our web-shop in Magento 2.2x. The stage we reached now in the development is where we could integrate our store with different third-party extensions, for different purposes like shipping, reward points, payments, abandoned cart etc.


Today we got the confirmation from our shipping agent (like that we could ship our packets to 25+ countries in EU. So here the matter starts.


Do you have a suggestion for the Extensions I needs, especially in Shipping?


1.My shop would like to send packets to different countries in EU from the Netherlands. And you know that all the shipping charges are different for different countries.


For example, I am offering free shipping in the Netherlands to all orders above €45 (which should be below 30Kg). Suppose €7 is my gross profit in that €45, and in that €5 is the amount I may need to give to my shipping carrier/agent for that shipping. So, the gross profit will be €2.

If a customer from Belgium shops at my site, I couldn’t give the free shipping for what I give to Netherlands customers. So, I need to notify Belgium customer that he needs to pay extra €3 for this shipping. Because €8 will be a cost for shipping to Belgium.  


And the shipping charges for Germany, for example, is €11. If a customer from Germany shops at my store and if he shops for €45, I have to show them that the shipping cost will be like €6 extra.


Is that possible to set within the configuration of the plugin you have? I mean a Table Rate Shipping for different countries.


In short, the extension should have the option to configure the minimum shopping cart amount for each country/state and the configuration area for the entry of Individual shipping charges for different countries including free shipping.




   2.And I would like to ask you one more doubt that, we have only one website, which could be accessible from any of these countries. We like to serve efficiently in each EU countries. But not having an individual portal for each country.


But is it possible to do it any way like

Al the store having the same stock quantity which will be in the single warehouse, but we need to keep every store as the store belongs to that country.



So, is there any extension to ask the country of the visitor in the beginning, when they visit our store? If so, we could make him/her notified in the beginning itself about the shipping charges as per that country and by this, we could avoid an abandonment cart at checkout by showing a surprise shipping charge in the global site.


Hope you understood my concern and I hope I get a positive reply from you in detail as soon as possible.





Re: Same store for multiple countries and different shipping table rate

Hey Prasobh,


for the shipping settings and configuration I would look into a shipping extension for your store for example ( , these give you flexible options to configure the shipping based on multiple attributes. 


For the localization of your customers to the right store view, there are plenty of extensions or you can have a look at another article in the forum


Hope that helps