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Send Quotes via Email

Send Quotes via Email

There are a lot "Request a Qoute" or "Add to Quote" Extensions but none of them seem to solve my problem.

A lot of customers call me and ask for a recommendation what to buy. 

I wish I could click together a couple of items and send the resulting cart as a quote to an email address.

The customer will gladly give me their email but I can't ask for all their information on the phone. 

And the "Email a Friend" function is not more than a link.

Every bit of information about an extension like this is very much appreciated.




Re: Send Quotes via Email

Hi there,

sorry but i will not be able to answer to your question.

Actually im on the same page than you and i would like to know if you got some news about it ?






Re: Send Quotes via Email



An extension can be developed to fullfill this requirement, i guess you just want an option in the backend so that you can mark checkbox to select the products and then insert the email id to shoot email.



Pulkit Seth

Re: Send Quotes via Email

As I understand you want your customers to create quotes by themselves? 

Magen Magic has created 2 extensions (Quote extension and Price Match extension) that are close to what you are looking for, but aren't exactly what you need. But company provide customization for extensions and you may discuss possibility to make extension with features that you need.

Re: Send Quotes via Email

Hi @RaffaelF


The Magento 2 Form Builder can resolve the issues mentioned above. The extension will help to create a custom Quote Form, edit the form either in Backend and Frontend and customize email templates.


Hope it will be of help!

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