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Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Hi everyone,

I am wondering that is there any extension allowing sellers to send email for customer after they abandon cart. Could anyone here recommend me some? 

Looking for your help and thanks in advance!





Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Sure, a lot of them. For example the Follow Up Email extension suitable for multiple follow up cases, including abandoned carts, of course.

Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart


You can try Store Manager for Magento app with abandoned cart functionality included. It allows to send automated follow-up e-mails to users who lefts products in carts each regular period of time. You can see how it works in action -


The app is packed with more useful features to speed up your inventory management and is available in 3 editions to fit the businesses of different sizes. Free fully-functional trial can be downloaded from the link in my signature.

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Hi @Pigpig

Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension will be a smart choice for you.

Beside meeting your demand, this extension has a lot of other amazing features such as:

  • Generate and send numerous triggered emails based on customer activities, order status
  • Multiple event types
  • Support Multiple Premade Templates for each event
  • Increase the number of repeated purchases with custom email templates
  • Create Unlimited Rules & Condition For Different Events As You
  • Customize design of any email template as your need
  • Use Google Analytics to measure the efficiency of your email campaign
  • Send Test Emails to check whether the template is generated correctly
  • Send emails automatically
  • Schedule To Send Email On Different Time Automatically
  • Create an emails blacklist
  • Schedule to send SMS message
  • Send emails suggesting up-selling, related or cross-selling items
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder
  • Send reminder email
  • New Registration
  • Track email sending status
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching

When purchasing this extension, you can have it freely installed on your website by our developer. For further information, please contact LandOfCoder via:



Hope this helps!



Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Hi @Pigpig


If you mean abandoned card email functionality, you can try this extension


It helps to remind customers about your store and the products they've added to their shopping cats, thus to increase sales.

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Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

A very useful extension you can use to send auto reminder emails is the following by FME extensions.


A good thing about this extension is it offers easy customization settings which you can configure to make it more productive. You can attach discount coupons, offer discounts in fixed amount or percentage, define minimum cart amount and set discount validity. It also allows you to specify time for sending reminder and restrict the number of emails to be sent to a customer with abandoned cart. 

Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Hi @Pigpig,

Sure, there are many extensions which send the automated email to the customers reminding them of their incomplete order. The best way of choosing the extension is that it should be fulfilling all the basic requirement which a store owner needs such as:

  • Capture abandoned cart of Guests and logged-in customers both.
  • Time control, as when the cart will be declared as an abandoned cart.
  • Ability to set N number of serial reminders, further reminders should not be sent if the customer has purchased the product.
  • Different amount discount coupons can be offered.
  • Both type of discount should be offered, fixed or percentage.
  • The admin should be able to send the email with the CRON as well as manually.
  • Option to create any number of options.
  • Search option to search for any particular customer's list.
  • Stats to compare both converted and abandoned carts.

The main purpose is to reduce the abandoned cart, the extension should be able to.




Contact us:





Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Hello @Pigpig,

when it comes to Magento 1 extensions for reminding customers about their abandomedshopping carts, the ones I would recommend is the Magento
Abandoned Carts extension. With this plugin, you can set email reminders to be sent in 3 cases, and add the period of time after which they should be emailed:

  • Shopping carts have not been ordered;
  • Wishlists stays unused;
  • Customers have not logged in.


Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

There are a lot of providers for this extension. Personally, i've tried out Mageplaza and Amasty.

Mageplaza is always well-known for providing good to high-end extensions with a very reasonable price. The only downside is that they don't have much experience in this field like their competitors. You can checkout their website here:

And with Amasty, definitely the go-to choice if your budget allows you. If money isn't your problem, then go for it.

Re: Send email for customer after they abandon cart

Here are some of the modules from the marketplace that allows sending Emails to customers after they abandon their cart:


Hope it helps!

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