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Set min quantity for configurable product

Set min quantity for configurable product

Hello community,

Is there an extension that allows to apply min quantity for configurable product? Our shop has a range of key products: women jacket with 3 sizes and 4 colors. I want to promote whole selling for this product so I want to set requirement of minimum quantity as requirement for checkout. No matter which jacket size or color that customers choose, they have to ensure that the total quantity of all products in that range can meet the minimum quantity I set. For example, min quantity I set for jacket is 10, so they can buy 3 red jacket size M, 4 blue jacket size L and 3 red jacket size S as long as the total quantity is 10.

Please suggest an extension to solve that issue. Many thanks!


Re: Set min quantity for configurable product

Hello @Sophia Walford

I suggest you should try the extension Minimum quantity of configurable product. When you set 10 as minimum allowed in shopping cart for your jacket, customer will need to add to cart at least 10 children products in total of the configurable jacket product.

set min quantity for a configurable product .png


Re: Set min quantity for configurable product

@BSS Commerce Hi. Can you module set min qty for configurable as a whole?

I want to set a min qty of 5 and have Dress product with 3 simple products, such as red, yellow and green. If customer chooses 1 green, yellow and 2 red it would understand that 5 dresses has been selected and allows customer to add to cart.