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Set required amount of orders

Set required amount of orders

Hi Community,

I'm new here. I want to ask if there is any way or any extension that helps me to set required amount of money for each customer needed to finish checkout?

For example, when I set the required amount of money is $500, this customer needs to add products with sum of value that is over $500. Then, he is permitted to come to checkout page.

Do you have any advice for me? Thanks!


Re: Set required amount of orders

Under System > Configuration > Sales > Sales, you will find the following possible setting :
'Minimum order amount' that you can enable, and you can set the error message displayed to consumers that try to checkout not reaching the minmum amount you defined.

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Re: Set required amount of orders


If I have understood your requirement correctly, you wanted to set required amount of orders for different customer groups. It means that each customer group will have meet specific amount of orders. 

I advise you to try Minimum Order Amount for Customer Group and you will set up minimum order amount for certain customer groups. It is easier for you to control the purchase amount of target customers and also increases your sales effectively. 

Please see more details at:

Re: Set required amount of orders

Hi there, 


Now we have developed Minimum order amount for customer group for Magento 2 edition. We hope that it can be a recommendation that you can can take into consideration