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Shop by Colour - Navigation

Shop by Colour - Navigation



I am looking to install an extension on my website but am unsure about finding one that will suit my needs. Here is a demo of the extension we are looking at currently.


All of our products are configurable products. We have a shirt that comes in 13 different colours, so each simple product is a different colour in a different size - not visible. All of the images are associated in the configurable product, so we want an extension that shows a different image for the same configurable product. This extension will do that for us. 


However, we have come into a problem with some of our products like this - Example of Shirt - it comes in a sky blue, a blue/neon and a blue/white. We would like to show all three of these products as a different search result if a customer searches for the colour blue. Is there an extension with this function?


Running Magento Community Edition Magento ver. Thank for any help on this.