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Simple Product stock in configurable

Simple Product stock in configurable


i use magento 2.3.1


i need an extension that show stock of child products of a configurable in product page.


This stock can be displayed either in table or over the default stock message of magento and refresh with selection or in drop down after option name can be show the label out of stock.


I need something simple and not an extension for multiple option add to cart. 


Does anyone knows any extension or how i can made the changes on theme files? 


Re: Simple Product stock in configurable

Hi there!


I'm Andrew, Biz Dev at eMagicOne, and my team of dedicated developers can help you to customize your store in such a way. This task can be performed by several ways:
1. default stock message - 5.5h ($247.50)
2. drop down after option name - 3 h ($135)


Please let me know if you are interested. We can start the work right away. 

My contacts are 

Skype: emagicone



Re: Simple Product stock in configurable

Hi there,


I highly recommend this extension for you to fulfill your requirements above: Magento 2 Simple Details on Configurable Product by BSS Commerce.

This extension will help you see all the details of one selected option without the page reloading. Here are the details:

  • Stock status and quantity
  • URL and metadata
  • Name and SKU
  • Price, special price, and tier price
  • Images
  • Short description and Full description
  • “More information” tab

It also helps show child product names at Dynamic Category/Product Listing Update, and is now compatible with Hyva Theme.


Hope this is helpful! If it helps, please give me a Kudo or Accept as Solution!

James Hoang