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Social Shopping Extensions?

Social Shopping Extensions?

I am building a shopping site for teen girls.


I am looking for an extension where friends can connect/invite friends on my site (through Facebook login perhaps) and create virtual "dressing rooms" where they can save their favorite items and share with friends they invite (who also must login as users) - friends can comment and vote on their favorite pieces.


Additionally, I'd like for the girls to get rebates if their invited friends also purchase items from my store.


Any ideas on extensions that work like this? Thanks!


Re: Social Shopping Extensions?

You mean, something like Lookbook

This seems a bit complex. You're better of going with something like Refer a Friend by AheadWorks. Pair it with one of the wishlist extensions and you'll get the resemblance of the functionality that you actually want. 


Good luck!

Re: Social Shopping Extensions?

You can find out some functionality that you want with this social networking extension helps you connect your store with Facebook 

Re: Social Shopping Extensions?


There is an option to try the multiple wishlists extension for Magento. It provides the ability to create wishlists for different events and share them with friends by email. Your customers can create unlimited number of wishlists, rename or delete them.



Hope this helps!

Best regards, Alex


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