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Split shipping based on item availability

Split shipping based on item availability

Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that offers split shipping based on item availability. I suppose you could compare it to the Amazon checkout.


For example, it's Monday and I have 2 items in my cart. One item ships immediately but the other only ships on a Thursday.


I would like to offer my customer 2 options:


A) Split the order into 2 shipments. Ship item 1 tomorrow and the other on Thursday. Customer will pay 2 delivery costs.


B) Wait until Thursday. Both items arrive in 1 shipment. Customer waits longer but only pays 1 delivery cost.


Does anyone know if a plugin which offers this functionality?


Thanks in advance.




Re: Split shipping based on item availability

Hi, tomcowley,

I can see you are having quite a difficult problem here. I believe the best solution now is to add a shipping extension. 

You are free to control the shipping fee by applying additional delivery options based on unlimited selection such as item conditions, specific cart attributes, specific item attributes, etc. 

At this moment, I found this Magento 2 Shipping Rules by LandOfCoder quite helpful. I haven’t seen any problem during the operation process.

I hope you find it helpful. 

Have a nice day!!

Re: Split shipping based on item availability

Hi @tomcowley,


My recommendation for you is the Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension by Mageplaza. It allows you to create sets of conditions that control the way your orders are shipped to customers. It includes rules about weight, value, destination-based, SKU-based, box, and so on. 

Here is a document that guides you through the configuration of the extension: 


Hope my answer could help you!

I'm Huy Dao, Digital Marketing at Mageplaza. Mageplaza is a dedicated leading extension builder for Magento 2

Re: Split shipping based on item availability

Hi @tomcowley 

Please check this module they will help you in a split shipping. If required please connect with the developers as well they will help you to achieve this.