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Stock for custom options


Stock for custom options



Can anynone recommend me a trust solution for managing stock for custom options? I need the following:

- admin can specify available quantity for custom options

- display this quantity on the front-end

- display the quantity field for each custom option so that customers can order more than one value of custom options

- see available quantities of all custom options in the back in some kind of report


Hope you will help me. 


Re: Stock for custom options

Hello Adre.


Seems like the new version of our Advanced Product Options extension can help you handle these tasks.


As an admin, you will be able to overview stock of all your custom options in a special Stock Report.


Also, the report will let you check which options are currently low in stock and which ones have run out of stock. All report data is editable, so you will be able to  specify the available quantity for any chosen custom option.


Hope this helps.






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Re: Stock for custom options

Hello AndreVT,


See this may this fufill your need-


Hope this help you. Smiley Happy



Re: Stock for custom options

@MageWorxTeam thank you. That's exactly what I need!

@Harjas2015 did you ever read my post? You post nothing but spam of your modules. 

Re: Stock for custom options

I Have a question and cannot find the solution for it.


I have one product and 100 in stock.


I want to have the option that a customer can choose for 1, 2 and 5 pieces, and all with a different price, (higher quantity,=lower price). This is no problem I have made a configurable product.


But I have a problem with my stock now, because when a customer takes the 5 pieces option, stock is only taking one product from the amount of 100, but it needs to be 5.


Anyone a idea how to solve this??




Re: Stock for custom options

@harrie1959 I think u should use tier price in this case

Re: Stock for custom options

Yes I know, but this does not give the right information to a customers when try to order.


The total price of the product is then only shown is basket, not in the product when they make a choice what to buy.


With configurable product this is much better but then we have the problem that is not subtract right from the stock amount.


Regards, Harrie

Re: Stock for custom options

Hi Harrie,


Check the Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento. It will allow you to enable quantity for options and associate options to other products with full inventory support. Plus, you can enable tier prices for such options. I.e. set different option price if QTY=5 or QTY=10, etc.


Best regards,


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