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Subscription Sales / Management - Available Options?

Subscription Sales / Management - Available Options?

Hi all


I'm looking at a subscription business and wondering what options are out there. 


Ideally what I'd like is:

- to sell items on subscription basis (weekly/monthly/etc)

- prior to the 'forthcoming shipment' an email sent to confirm address (and create excitement)

- upon 'set date' (say start of month), forthcoming shipments are turned into new orders ... automatic or pooled for batch processing



I found as an option which may or may not suffice but am wanting to know if there are more options out there.




- michael


Re: Subscription Sales / Management - Available Options?



Take a look at our Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Magento extension.

It allows you to:


 - Create subscription products and sell them on recurring basis;

 - Automatically send emails to customers about upcoming payments, subscription period expiration;

- Provide recurring billings for simple, downloadable, configurable, or virtual product types;

 - Set subscription periods, segment subscribers, track subscriptions in the backend, and so on.


Subscriptions and Recurring Payments product page -