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Support Multiple Email Sender

Support Multiple Email Sender

Hello everyone,

I am trying to send reliable emails from a local host and looking for an extension which is suitable for multiple email sender. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


Re: Support Multiple Email Sender

Hi @thuyha

For multi email senders, you can use Magento 2 SMTP Extension.

It also has other amazing features such as:

  • Use Your Own SMTP Server Or Use A Popular Service
  • Run tests before sending out the email
  • Make sure all customers receive your email
  • Email Log with Maximum Control
  • Support Multiple Email Sender
  • Export email to CSV
  • Block IP
  • Debug mode
  • Check Spam content for Email
  • Backlist email
  • Smtp email report
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching

When purchasing this extension, you can have it freely installed on your website by our developer. For further information, please contact LandOfCoder via:



Hope this helps!

Re: Support Multiple Email Sender

This Magento 2 Multiple Order Emails Extension might be exactly what you need. 


Magento 2 Custom Order Emal Extension.jpg


It gives you a special tool to create a great deal of order email templates to send to different customers based on their order details. This extension is a perfect alternative for the Magento Core function when only one email template is sent to all buyers from guests to wholesalers. As a result, this Magento Email Extension will help you to become a professional seller and bring better service to your clients.
Here are some of its outstanding features:
  • Send the right emails to the right customers
  • Set up priority of for each email template
  • Receive notification in admin email when there is new order
  • Create different email templates based on customer groups, product attribute, shipping and payment methods

To find more information, you should try its demos and read the user guide here.

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