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Use Customer Product Images


Use Customer Product Images


I'm finding a module that can:


- create a place for  our customers to upload their images about the products they bought on our stores previously (it's kinda like Pinterest or Instagram, the only thing different is images on site are product images uploaded by customers).


- support us to tag related products on customers' uploaded image.


- show the slides of related product images when customers click on one original picture.


I think it's really good to create customer belief but I haven't found such kind of extension.


Is there anyone could help me? 


Re: Use Customer Product Images

Hi @jacoblb

I don't know if there is an extension that meets all your requirements. You can have a look at this one

It enables customers to add their own product photos (you can moderate them). However, those photos are displayed as product reviews, not as general boards like on Pinterest or Instagram.

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Re: Use Customer Product Images

Hi @jacoblb,
Perhaps you should consider our extension: BSS Unboxed Extension is equipped with similar functions as your requirements:

- Display customer product images as general broads. It's not totally the same with Pinterest and Instagram but I hope it meets your needs.

- You can also tag the related product from your site on customer images.

- The extension allows you to see related product images uploaded by others with the same type of products.


 Visit our site:


Our extension supports you much more than this,

- The location of product image uploaded could be shown on Google Maps as a stronger evidence to persuade other visitors buying your products.

- Powerful auto search helps you with finding out the target images at ease
- Each customer can manage a functional account.

The extension makes use of user-generated content (in this case - customers' product images) to build visitors' trust.


Re: Use Customer Product Images



For Magento 2 extension I found the this extension which allow customers to upload product Images on product view page.


Thanks to this developer.


You can find more Information from this link