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VAT number verification in EU

VAT number verification in EU

Is there a plug-in to Magento which can validate that an entered VAT number is a valid number and the number of the customer within EU?

If a supplier in EU sell to a b2b customer in EU who has a valid VAT number, the supplier does not have to charge VAT, but if the customer does not have a valid VAT number, the supplier is liable for the VAT towards the country to which the product is delivered if the supplier surpasses the minimum VAT amount for that country!

I know that for e.g. WooCommerce (which after all is for Wordpress and therefor not a dedicated e-commerce tool) , you can get such a tool and that EU has made a service which validate the numbers in - if not actually, then close to - real time!


Re: VAT number verification in EU

You may get the required functionality by a little bit of customization in this VAT Extension for Magento,

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Re: VAT number verification in EU

Here a ready-to-use extension, that allows you to define which fields are related for the VAT number verification. No need to override or modify the template!
The vat number checker can be available on the customer edit page, the checkout page and others... However this extension is only available on Magento 1.x...

If you need any further details, feel free to contact us at


Re: VAT number verification in EU



here is also our Plugin CopeX_VatFix which is Opensource and allows a valid UID for EU.


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