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What's the best Currency Switcher extension?

What's the best Currency Switcher extension?

What's the best currency switcher extension working with Varnish cache and which allows to round conversion (e.g. 9,90 EUR => 11,62 USD => 11,99 USD) as well?


Re: What's the best Currency Switcher extension?

If you manage a multi-language store, one of the first things you have to take care of is prices.


To provide the best experience for each of your international customers it is recommended to display prices in customers' local currency. 


Magento by default allows you to set different currencies, but customers have to switch them manually, which is not very convenient.


That is when Magento 2 Auto Currency Switcher steps in. 


It automatically displays prices in customers' local currency based on their location.


Auto Currency Switcher by Magefan uses MaxMind, GooIP, and CloudFlare databases to track the location precisely. And you don't have to pay any additional prices for using them.


Besides, the extension allows you to use different round algorithms to round prices.


There is a built-in testing tool so you can step in your customers' shoes and check the Auto Currency Switcher on your website from their perspective.


You might find it useful.

Re: What's the best Currency Switcher extension?

Use Magento 2 Currency Switcher to auto convert display currency of the store to the local currency by identifying visitor's location. The extension uses Maxmind Geolite2 FREE database to auto convert the currency. 

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