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What to do with discontinued products ?

What to do with discontinued products ?

I want to make sure that Discontinued products DO NOT show on the webisite but at the same time Google still be able to index them.
So far, I've been doing the following
1. Setting Visibility: Catalog (only)
2. and removing all checkmarks from Category.

But I have a problem, even through prducts are not visible in the website Categories and Search, but once you click "Brands" they still show there.
Removing products from brands is possible.

Is there a better way to deal with Discontinued products ?


Re: What to do with discontinued products ?

Hello @onlinestore23

It seems you are doing everything right. When we create a separate page for a split test, we also set visibility to Catalog only and remove the new product from all the categories. BTW if you create a discounted product by duplicating another product, the duplicated one can be automatically added to some root categories where the original product was added. So make sure to check them.

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Re: What to do with discontinued products ?

Hi @onlinestore23


The below extension is developed by us to handle discontinued products:


This should handle and ease the process of managing discontinued products.