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Wishlist Extensions

Wishlist Extensions

Hi guys,


on the marketplace, there is no extension, that allows not-authorized visitors to create wishlists. Or I just use the wrong search query. 

Does anybody know a good M2 extension with so functionality? I need the possibility for guest users to create a wishlist/wishlists and to save this list in case a visitor creates an account.




Re: Wishlist Extensions

Hey @BelVG :

Sound that you are talking about the Magento's Multiple Wishlists extension. This module allows store owners to create multiple wish lists for different purposes. What's more is that the admins will have to power to manage wishlists from backend and frontend.



Re: Wishlist Extensions



We are creating a new extension for Magento 2, Multiple Wishlists Extension that will have this feature, such that a guest user can create a wishlist / wishlists which will be saved if he creates an account. This extension will be released very soon.


If you want to discuss anything or have any further queries, you can send an amail to or Contact us here.